Hemp Oils

Our hemp oils are organic, vegan, and completely THC free. Super nice. In short, you get a hemp oil with a wide range of phytocannabinoids and terpenes, completely without THC. Our hemp oils come with a pipette (of course) that makes it easy to dispense the oil and take it with you in a bag during the day’s activities. Choose from three more traditional hemp oils that can be taken under the tongue or our unique water-soluble hemp oil that quickly blends into any beverage. The traditional hemp oils are found in the strengths of 5%, 15%, 20% and our water-soluble hemp oil in the strength of 7.5%.

Pst! Our water-soluble hemp oil differs slightly from the others and is extremely easily absorbed. Perfect to mix in coffee, juice, tea, water or a protein shake after a workout in the gym. Nice, huh?

Hemp Capsules

The future in a container. Our hemp capsules contain our unique water-soluble hemp oil which is extremely easily absorbed by the body. A perfect alternative to our oils, if you like to take your cannabinoids on the go, or simply like capsules better. Just take a capsule straight up with a little water, juice, coffee, tea or other liquid. Of course, it’s ecological and completely THC free.

Hemp Skin Cream

A hemp cream that is not only your skin’s best friend but also kind to animals and nature. The product is so natural that it can actually be eaten. Not that we recommend eating it, it doesn’t taste that good. In addition to its natural, ecological and fragrant ingredients, our Hemp Skin Cream is completely free of THC and contains a broad spectrum of phytocannabinoids and terpenes. A great favorite with our customers, as well as those of us in the office. You know you are the best, so give yourself a small gift that is good for you, your body, nature and animals.