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Not your avg. cream – CBD balm / skin balm 600mg cannabinoids

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  • Deeply moisturizing and soothing to the skin
  • Protects and balances
  • Completely natural
  • 600mg CBD
  • Ecological
  • Suitable for all skin types

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About the product

The unique formula is specifically developed to support the skin's natural balance and protect the skin from the stress it encounters daily, from both government environments, poor diet, and long-term stress.
The skin balm is perfect for you who want to moisturize the skin, protect it from external stress, increase elasticity, and help the skin find its way back to its natural balance.

Why this product

600mg potent CBD extracted from organic hemp, in particular with seven specifically selected botanical ingredients full of active ingredients. Omega phenols, antioxidants, and fatty acids; give one a luxurious, deeply moisturizing, and soothing skin balm that softens, strengthens and balances the skin. The product does not contain any "complementary substances." Each ingredient is active and is present in the product for a specific reason.


CBD hemp oil
CBD (cannabidiol) comes from the hemp plant and is the most abundant phytocannabinoid in the plant. CBD is an antioxidant that soothes the skin and helps its natural balance. CBD as a cosmetic ingredient is a bit of a miracle.

Shea Butter Paradox
"Paradoxa" is a species of shea tree that grows wild in western and central Africa. Paradoxa also has many active plant substances that give the butter a variety of skincare properties, including binding moisture to the skin. The production of our shea butter follows the criteria according to the Fairtrade Foundation for social sustainability and biodiversity.

Cupuaçu [kuppu'assu]
A fragrant plant butter rich in monounsaturated Omega 9 and saturated stearic acid. The butter also contains β-Sitosterol, a phytosterol that has an anti-inflammatory effect at the cellular level and improves the skin's barrier function—cold-pressed Cupuaçus butter impacts skincare by preventing the skin from releasing moisture. Cupuaçus butter has an excellent ability to hold water, several times higher than lanolin (wool fat). The cupuaça tree, related to the cocoa tree, grows wild in the Amazon rainforest. The Cupuaçus butter that we use for our ointment is made from fresh Cupuaçu kernels locally, near the plant site. The seeds are separated from the pulp and then fermented for eight days, washed, dried and roasted. Finally, the kernels are cold-pressed, and the butter is filtered. The butter has a characteristic sour and fruity cocoa aroma.

Apricot kernel oil
Organic and cold-pressed apricot kernel oil contains abundant amounts of fatty acids Omega 9 and Omega 6. Deeply moisturizing and nourishes the skin.

Our beeswax is natural and undergoes only a fully certified organic and traditional purification process, so-called "Clay extraction," which only removes contaminants. Through this natural extraction process, the beeswax retains all its active phytonutrients. Beeswax from non-organic hives has been shown to collect residues of pesticides used to treat the varroa mites that attack bees. Our beeswax is produced in Africa by beekeepers who only produce organic beeswax, completely non-toxic. Our producer groups consist of thousands of beekeepers with large amounts of organic beeswax, which also benefits these families and their society financially.

Complete Ingredient List (INCI):
Vitellaria paradoxa shea butter, Cold-pressed cupuaçu butter, Apricot kernel oil, Beeswax, Chamomile, Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural vitamin e-extract, Naturally occurring terpenes.

Use & dosage

All ingredients are natural, which makes the skin balm "alive." At cool temperatures, the balm is stiff; at warmer temperatures, it becomes softer. Take the desired amount of the balm with clean fingers, then place it in the palm of your hand and warm up by moving your hands towards each other. Apply to the desired part of the body. A personal favorite with us is to use it immediately after stepping out of the shower and drying yourself. They are then the skin is moist and most receptive. With the help of the Cupuaçus butter in the skin balm that binds moisture very well, the body retains moisture throughout the day and night.

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9 reviews for Not your avg. cream – CBD balm / skin balm 600mg cannabinoids

  1. The world’s best ointment! Second time I buy it.


  2. Dan

  3. The best ointment I’ve ever had. It is absolutely amazing and does so much good. A charity is what it is for the whole body in so many different wonderful ways, including for the hair, thank you!


  4. Ellinor Hammer

  5. An excellent ointment, the price is also very good.


  6. Beautiful and amazing for my skin.


  7. Anonym

  8. By far the best skin cream I have ever used!

    Sebastian Liljegren

  9. Best skin ointment of all categories.

    Lars Hammer

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