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The missing ingredient is as mystical as it is obvious. You don’t know how or why. It just is.
Extra Parmigiano on your pasta, or the sweeping hands of a hairdresser through wet hair. Something clicks, and Everything makes sense; the world is suddenly, and finally, in harmony.
But what brings extra edge to something already perfect? What turns dinner into disco? It just so happen to happen, when it happens – And you’ll know when it does. The vibe is apparent, undeniable, overwhelming. It’s sugary sweet, and dazzlingly delightful – simultaneously.

Let The Missing Ingredient remain mystic and enchanting, but let us be the friend who turns a party into disco, let us make best, better. Add the feeling you can’t put your finger on, yet feel with every fingertip.

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Our intimate products
Our intimate products Our intimate products Our intimate products

About CBD

Life is all about balance. The sweet spot. Between hot and cold, strong and weak, high and low. It’s the same for the body. Our bodies are constantly trying to create balance, to be in homeostasis. It can be quite exhausting for the body, the way we, as humans, live today. Stress, poor diet, inactive lifestyle. Cannabinoids react with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn acts as a kind of ”balance-in-body-regulator”. So, if we add phytocannabinoids as CBG, CBD, CBN och CBC, we can potentially assist one of the body’s major signaling systems.

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It’s the cherry on top for many, yet still undiscovered territory for others. Did you know there are well over a hundred combinations of phytocannabinoids? Probably not. But you know that CBD is here to stay, so why don’t you go ahead and learn a bit more about it?

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