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CBN + CBD hemp oil 10% 1000mg cannabinoids


  • 300mg CBN + 700mg CBD
  • A total of 10% cannabinoids
  • Extra easily absorbed by the body
  • Completely THC-free
  • Guaranteed stops CBN and CBD
  • Wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Vegan, gluten free and non-GMO

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About the product

After almost two years of development, we are finally launching our new CBN + CBD oil! First of its kind in Europe. With a very high content of both CBN and CBD, this is a perfect product for you who want to try the effects of the phytocannabinoid CBN and, at the same time, get CBD in you. The total content of cannabinoids is as much as 10 percent, and since the product has the highest content of CBN + CBD, only a tiny amount per intake is required, which means that the bottle lasts a long time.

In our opinion, this is the perfect product to take in the evening, with a cup of tea before going to bed. CBN is an exciting phytocannabinoid, especially in combination with CBD.

What is CBN?
We first want to clarify that CBN is not illegal and can not make the user high. Like our other products, this product is entirely free of THC, the illegal phytocannabinoid.

Cannabinol, abbreviated CBN, is a phytocannabinoid found in the hemp plant and is only created after the plant and the plant's more well-known phytocannabinoid THCA are exposed to UV and high temperatures, such as heat, for a long time. A very interesting and somewhat unusual phytocannabinoid has recently gained a lot of interest worldwide. Read more here (Link to what is CBG, CBD, CBN, etc.) if you want to dive deep.

To make CBN + CBD oil even more effective, we use MCT oil as a carrier that makes the oil taste good and significantly improves the uptake of CBN and CBD. This is one of very few available CBN + CBD oils on the market with such a high content of both CBN and CBD. In addition, the market's best price per mg of CBN and CBD.

Why this product

Because it is hardly possible to get hold of a CBN oil in Europe, which also contains 7% CBD. With the combination of both high levels of CBN and CBD, the oil has a strong synergy effect where CBN and CBD make each other more efficient. This is an oil that really has a high broad spectrum of phytocannabinoids. Best of both worlds

We always use the most delicate parts from the hemp plant to produce our products, such as flowers and smaller leaves. Combining this with our unique extraction process results in a very pure, tasty oil with long shelf life and high efficiency.

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  • Carrier: Organic MCT oil
  • The total content of phytocannabinoids: 10%
  • Content of CBN: 3%
  • CBD content: 7%
  • Amount of CBN per bottle: 300mg
  • Amount of CBD per bottle: 700mg
  • Number of drops per bottle: about 200
  • Amount of CBN per drop: about 1.5mg
  • Amount of CBD per drop: about 3.5 mg
  • Amount of cannabinoids per drop: 5mg
  • THC: Not traceable
  • Volume: 10 ml
  • Taste: Natural, hemp
Use & dosage

Drop 1 drop of CBD oil under the tongue and hold it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing, repeating morning and evening. Increase by 1 drop per intake after using the CBD oil for 5-7 days until you reach the desired dosage or until you reach the recommended daily dose. Recommended daily intake: 1-10 drops. Based on the high content of both CBN and CBD, we recommend that you start carefully with the dosage. This oil is powerful, even compared to our stronger CBD oils, such as 21% and 31%. We recommend that you take this oil in the afternoon/evening.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Store in the dark, at room temperature, and out of reach of children.
Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a balanced and varied diet. Our products are not there to prevent, treat or cure diseases.

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