What are adaptogens, and why should we use them?

At Hemply, we are strong advocates of balance. That is the reason why we started our brand. Balance is the most crucial aspect of living an optimal life. Balance is a complex concept where diet, exercise, sleep, breathing, and less screen time are some of the few that need to be controlled for optimal balance. It doesn’t come from changing a single aspect of life. Due to how society looks today, stress is now a constant factor. The continuous stress hugely negatively affects our waking state and our sleep. Deadlines, picking up children, meeting partners, careers, hanging out with friends, finances, training, and free time. A lot, all the time. Balance is therefore not always so easy to maintain or achieve, and this is where adaptogens come into the picture; The missing ingredient.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants, herbs, and fungal plants that affect our cells’ ability to adapt to internal stress and external stresses. Some adaptogens can impact how much of the fight or flight hormone cortisol is released, which can help manage stress better. For example, other adaptogens can help the cells produce more neuropeptide Y, which plays a significant role in regulating mood and appetite, and thus help the body can adapt to physical stressors such as exercise and long days at work.

Adaptogens have long been used in Ayurveda and medicine but are a relatively new category in the West. Demand has increased a lot in recent years, which can probably be drawn in parallel with how much more stress we are exposed to in today’s society and are looking for various aids. It is foremost the balancing effect of adaptogens that makes them so appreciated, where unlike, for example, coffee, they do not give a “peak” which shortly afterward becomes a “crash”. Nor are
they addictive, harmful, or require a constantly increasing dosage for continued effect as coffee.The main characteristic of adaptogens is that they assist the body in helping itself.

The name adaptogens come from “adapt” i.e., “to adapt”. Below we have numbered the most common adaptogens and the less common ones.

Rhodiola Rosea L
Grows wild in Europe and also in the Nordic countries. Used primarily for increased energy, focus and reducing the negative impact stress has on the body. Perfect for long days at work, before training, or during extra stressful periods.

A classic root that has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Now a very used adaptogen in the West. Above all, the root is popular to take during periods of stress and for mental and physical well-being.

Eleutherococcus (Ginseng)
Most people have probably heard of this one. Ginseng is said to contribute more energy and contains a high amount of antioxidants. The active ingredients in ginseng are called ginsenosides. Ginsing also has immune-stimulating effects and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Help to dilate the blood vessels in the body
  • This contributes to better potential and lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Cheer up and replace weakness with strength.
  • Increases mental capacity, which is suitable for athletes
  • Improves physical performance

Very long traditional use in Ayurveda for its balanced properties. Is a red, very nutritious berry. Schisandra has traditionally been used during periods of stress and feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

A fungus that has been used in Chinese natural remedies for thousands of years. It is mainly used for its energizing properties, and it is highly valued by athletes and people living a hectic lifestyles.

Large reddish-brown mushroom with a glossy surface. The mushroom is widespread on all continents and has also been found in Nordic countries like Sweden and Norway. Reshi belongs to the group commonly known as medicinal fungi. The fungus has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, where the main focus is on heart health, the immune system, and its alleged calming effect.


Is CBD an adaptogen?

CBD is not an adaptogen, yet, by name. Cannabidiol (CBD) is still awaiting widespread recognition as an adaptogen. CBD has balancing properties and can assist the body’s most extensive signaling system, The endocannabinoid system. In other words, it is a very balancing molecule that originates from the hemp plant.

How do I use adaptogens?

It can be used as a powder, put in water or smoothie, or as tinctures. The most common is in the form of capsules. We offer three different adaptogenic mixtures in the form of a capsule to be able to easily dose, get into the routine and take with you on the go.

Can I combine adaptogens with CBD, CBG, or CBN?

With advantage! These are genuinely two of the best worlds. We recommend taking them together.

Why should I use adaptogens?

If you feel that you need a little help on the stack during periods of stress or think you need a little extra boost overall.

How long should I use adaptogens?

Basically, how long you want and feel you need. However, there are discussions that some adaptogens become less effective after long-term use (4-6 months). So we recommend that you use adaptogens continuously and take a break for a few weeks after three months. After the break, you can start using the adaptogens again.

Are adaptogens dangerous?

No, adaptogens are considered safe for consumption.

Where can I buy adaptogens?

Adaptogens can be purchased both in-store and online at several companies. We sell adaptogens here (link to adaptogens) in the form of capsules where we have carefully formulated a mixture of several adaptogens with herbal extracts.

What should I think about if I want to use adaptogens?

Use adaptogens continuously or as needed. For best effect, we recommend that you use it continuously. Some adaptogens, such as Rhodiola Rosea, can increase the user’s energy, and we, therefore, recommend that you avoid taking Rhodiola Rosea in the evening. We recommend that you use our Cloud Free capsules (link to Cloud Free) in the morning or early in the day, but avoid taking them in the evening. Our Just breathe capsules (link to just breathe) can be used whenever
needed during the day or evening. Our Night Train capsules (link to Night Train) recommend that you take one to two hours before bedtime.

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