Hemply Balance Holding AB (publ) ("Hemply Balance" or "The Company") subsidiary Hemply Services AB has today entered into an agreement with Bangerhead AB.

The agreement covers the Hemply Balance intimate care series, which will retail at Bangerhead from February 2022.

Hemply Balance intimate care series consists of three products: a serum, a wash, and an oil. All products are vegan and contain organic plant-based ingredients and high-quality CBD. The intimate care series has been developed in consultation with the Company's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hildur Hadenius, and Emil Sandin, the Company's founders and responsible for product development. Production takes place in Sweden, and the products have a recommended consumer price from € 40 to € 70. Hemply Balance is the first brand in Europe with intimate care products containing CBD.

Bangerhead was founded in 2008 and has since developed from an online store focusing on hair care to a beauty universe that covers everything from hair care to skincare, makeup, fragrance, and styling tools. Bangerhead has had constant growth in recent years, and 2020 had sales of almost € 31 million.

The collaboration does not involve a guaranteed sales volume for Hemply Balance.

"We are very pleased that Bangerhead is starting a partnership with us and identifying the fantastic potential in the CBD," says Jonas Lenne, CEO of Hemply Balance.

For further information, please contact:
Jonas Lenne
Email: investor.relations@hemplybalance.com

Pingis Berg-Hadenius
Chairman of the Board
Email: hadenius@economista.se

About Hemply Balance
Hemply Balance is a health food company that sells safe, high-quality hemp products for intimate and personal care, as well as hemp oil and hemp capsules outside Sweden. The company's goal is to consolidate its position as the leading player in high-quality hemp products in Sweden and to become a significant player in Europe.

Augment Partners AB, tel. +46 8 604 22 55, email: info@augment.se is the company's Mentor.

For more information, visit the Hemply Balance website www.hemplybalance.com