Hemply Balance Holding AB (publ)'s ("Hemply Balance" or "The Company") subsidiary Glowing Pine B.V expands its cooperation with the Swiss distributor Götz & Brands GmbH who will become an exclusive distributor

During the third quarter, Hemply Balance began a collaboration with the Swiss distributor Götz & Brands. The partnership has been thriving since it’s start. Götz & Brands has distributed the Company's intimate care products to several well-known retailers in the Swiss market. Now the parties have agreed to expand its business collaboration: Götz & Brands will operate and manage the Hemply Balance brand in Switzerland and Austria through hemplybalance.ch.
The expanded collaboration means that Götz & Brands will distribute and market all the Company's products, including the Company's CBD oils. Götz & Brands will continue to act as a distributor for Hemply Balance while operating the Company's e-commerce in Switzerland and Austria. Sales through the new e-commerce are expected to start in January 2022.
According to an article by Tages-Anzeiger, the Swiss CBD market is expected to be worth $ 320 million by 2027. The initial agreement guaranteed the Company a sales volume of € 5,000, which is expected to be exceeded with the new structure and the new products.
“We are excited that we have agreed with Götz & Brands on this new structure. We see great potential in Switzerland and Austria, which have a growing CBD market. Götz & Brands are very experienced and know their home market incredibly well, which will be a huge advantage for us in our continued growth journey,” says Jonas Lenne, CEO of Hemply Balance.

"We see the rising demand for good, trustworthy CBD products in our market. Our partners love the intimate care from Hemply balance and I´m sure they will also like the new supplements. We are excited to start with this new structure. Launching the new e-commerce for our market will give an extra boost for us, our customers and end consumers.", says Serafin Götz, CEO of Götz & Brands.

For further information, please contact:
Jonas Lenne
Email: investor.relations@hemplybalance.com

Pingis Berg-Hadenius
Chairman of the Board
Email: hadenius@economista.se

About Hemply Balance
Hemply Balance is a health food company that sells safe, high-quality hemp products for intimate and personal care, as well as hemp oil and hemp capsules outside Sweden. The company's goal is to consolidate its position as the leading player in high-quality hemp products in Sweden and to become a significant player in Europe.

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