Hemply Balance Holding Sustainability Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define Hemply Balance’s position and guidelines for contributing to building a sustainable society with sustainable consumption. Hemply Balance supports the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Hemply Balance’s vision is to satisfy customers with high-quality hemp products while causing the least possible environmental impact, so as to promote a healthy, strong and balanced lifestyle.


Sustainability must characterize all we do at Hemply Balance. The Sustainability Policy covers all employees and all of Hemply Balance’s operations, including the Company’s partners.

The Sustainability Policy is supplemented by the Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out actionable guidelines for matters such as ethics, anti-corruption, professional behavior, work environment, human rights and gender equality.

Principles of the Sustainability Policy

  • The Sustainability Policy shall form the basis for and guide all activities in the Hemply Balance Group.
  • The Hemply Balance Code of Conduct shall form the basis for the Group’s sustainability work.
  • Hemply Balance shall be transparent and communicate with stakeholders to create long-term solutions and sustainable working methods.
  • Hemply Balance shall take responsibility for the environmental impact caused by the Group’s operations.

Safety and Compliance

Hemply Balance currently has two product categories, consisting of dietary supplements and cosmetics. Hemply Balance products contain phytocannabinoids. Therefore, the Company appreciates an in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations in the markets in which it operates and always complies with laws and regulations that apply to dietary supplements and cosmetics. Hemply Balance adheres to changing regulations in these markets and is responsible for staying aware of such changes. If, despite the above, a consumer experiences side effects caused by the Company’s product range, this is reported to the Medical Products Agency.

Corporate Responsibility

Hemply Balance values the health and well-being of the Company’s staff. By creating a workplace with flexible hours, opportunities and common activities, the risk of illness is prevented.

To set requirements for suppliers, Hemply Balance will work to ensure that all supplier agreements contain a Supplier Code of Conduct. The Hemply Balance Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to strive for equal treatment, good working conditions and compliance with human rights.

Environmental responsibility

Hemply Balance has as its main objective to produce in a sustainable manner, by offering its customers completely plastic-free packaging for its products. The Company has initiated discussions with suppliers about which alternative solutions are available. Currently up to 95 % of all product packaging is recyclable. The Company’s vision is to be able to offer plastic-free product packaging by 2025. To further contribute to a sustainable environment, Hemply Balance usually only works with 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients.

Hemply Balance aims to reduce the Company’s water consumption during production. In the production of intimate care products, an average of 1 liter of water is consumed for every 10 products made. Hemply Balance is constantly striving to find new ways to reduce water use.

Financial responsibility

The Board and CEO always act in the best interest of the Company when making decisions. The Company’s operations must be built in a sustainable way and with a long-term perspective. Decisions made by the Company must primarily contribute to the financial resources being managed in such a way that the Company’s future is secured and the Company is responsible to the owners.

Annual review of important guidelines

Hemply Balance reviews the guidelines and policies decided by the Board annually, to ensure that employees are familiar with these.

This policy was approved by the Board on 2021-06-18

Supplier Code of Conduct

Hemply Balance’s intention behind having a supplier code of conduct is to ensure that all operations are characterized by responsibility and ethical behavior towards customers, employees, owners, authorities and the rest of the world. The goal is for all suppliers to follow the Code of Conduct and assume responsibility for compliance by signing it.

Laws, rules and regulations

Hemply Balance undertakes through our business principles to follow the laws, rules and regulations in each country where we do business, and we never accept corruption in any form. The Code of Conduct prescribes a policy of zero tolerance for corruption and requires all suppliers to comply with applicable laws.


The supplier shall follow the relevant laws and work in a resource effective way when using energy, water and other consumables. The supplier must work constantly to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

Human rights

The Supplier shall support and respect the protection of internationally recognized human rights. The supplier shall not benefit from crimes against humanity under international law.

Equality, pay and terms of employment

All employees shall be given the same opportunities for development and shall be treated with dignity and respect. The supplier must have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination, harassment, threats and abuse. Employees must always have a written and comprehensible employment contract. Upon entering into the agreement, the employee must be promised a living wage that at least meets the minimum wage requirements by law or agreement. The supplier must at all times pay in legal tender.


Hemply Balance undertakes to make all business partners and employees aware of the Code and to make available all information needed to follow it. All suppliers must sign the code.

If a violation of the Code is discovered, such violation will result in an investigation that may lead to disciplinary action such as a warning, termination, dismissal or prosecution. Employees and suppliers who become aware of violations of the Code of Conduct must report these to their superior immediately.