Name Position Independent of the Company and it’s management Independent of major shareholders
Yvonne Tenninge Chairman Yes Yes
Emil Sandin Commissioner No No
Johan Kleberg Commissioner Yes Yes

Yvonne Tenninge

Company Chairman since 2022

Born: 1960

Emil Sandin

Board member and Head of product of the Company since 2021

Born: 1993

Experience: Emil is the founder of Hemply Balance.

He is a committed leader who works to build the organization and its brand and optimize marketing and e-commerce to strengthen the Company’s growth.

Today he is Head of Product within the company

Other current assignments: Co-owner and Board Member of Alpha Pinene Holding BV

Former assignments in the last 5 years: CEO, co-owner and Chairman of Curious Oak AB.

Holdings in Hemply Balance: 602,372 shares (own and related parties’).

Johan Kleberg

Board Member of the Company since 2020

Born: 1975

Experience: Johan has extensive experience from the e-commerce and media industry. After graduating with a degree in business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics, he worked as CEO of TV4 Sport, as COO at Canal+ Nordic, and as CEO of CMore. Johan was also CEO of Adlibris for over four years, until March 2019. He is currently co-owner and CEO of Bookbinders design Scandinavia AB and Chairman of Matsmart in Scandinavia AB.

Johan contributes greatly to the Company’s journey of growth thanks to his extensive experience in e-commerce and logistics, FMCG and long experience of board work.

Other current assignments: CEO, co-owner and Chairman of Bookbinders Design Scandinavia AB, Chairman of Matsmart in Scandinavia AB, Chairman of Knattarna ekonomisk förening, Board Member of Notorious AB, Board Member of PETBUDDY AB and Board Member of Ebba von Sydow AB.

Former assignments in the last 5 years: Chairman of Adlibris Kök AB, Chairman of Discshop Svensk Näthandel AB, Chairman of ODLANU i Sverige AB, Chairman of Bamba AB, External CEO of Adlibris aktiebolag, Board Member of C Real AB, Board Member of BookBeat AB, Board Member of V-TAB Holding AB, Board Member of Bonnier Books Holding AB, Board Member of CMore Entertainment AB, Board Member of C more Group AB, Board Member of VetZoo AB and Board Member of Cosmetic Group Holding AS.

Holdings in Hemply Balance: 0 shares (own and related parties’).

Executive Management Team

Jonas Lenne



BDO Mälardalen AB, Org. No. 556291-8473, Box 6343, 103 35 Stockholm has been the Company’s auditor since 2020, with Thomas Näsfeldt as auditor-in-charge.


Augment Partners AB, tel.: +46 8-505 65 172, email:, is the Company’s Mentor

Jonas Lenne

CEO since 2021

Born: 1974

Experience: Jonas has extensive experience leading sales, marketing, and business development positions, primarily in the digital industry. Jonas’ most recent assignment was as sales and marketing director at Figital Market Grsidiaries Bet market Sverige AB and Storemarket AB, where he is still a passive owner.

Previous assignments: Sales Director for Blocket’s advertising department and Head of Sales at the company – International Data Group (IDG).

Holdings in Hemply Balance: 1200 shares.

Hildur Hadenius

CMO since 2020

Born: 1975

Experience: Medical Doctor, specialized in gynecology and obstetrics. Medical Degree from Uppsala University in 2001, certified doctor since 2003 and holder of several certificates in alternative medicine and body therapy. Hildur began her medical career working as a surgeon for a few years, before switching to gynecological surgery. In recent years she has increasingly specialized in women’s health with a holistic approach. She has opened her own practice focusing on chronic pain and sexual, stress-related and hormonal disorders. Hildur also consults on hormonal and holistic health, but occasionally works as an obstetrician.

Hildur’s involvement in Hemply Balance is based on her genuine interest in the endocannabinoid system’s connection to balance and physical well-being. How this body system functions as an umbrella covering vital functions in the body, such as the immune system, nervous system and hormone production. Knowledge of this unexplored network is particularly valuable for understanding the basis for recovery, homeostasis and healing in the body as a balance to the modern stress-filled society.

Another driving force for Hildur comes from years of being frustrated by the many chemical-laden preparations that are present in personal hygiene products and her experience with the high patient demand for natural and environmentally friendly products.

Hildur is responsible for the medical aspects Hemply Balance, as well as product development.

Other current assignments: Co-owner and Chairman of Vulvaverket AB. Board Member of Tempelterapi AB. Deputy Board Member of Villanelle Ventures AB and Economista Sweden AB.

Former assignments in the last 5 years: Board Member of Villanelle Ventures AB.

Holdings in Hemply Balance: 89,088 shares (own and related parties’).